Friday, March 19, 2010

Dare to Believe

I have been listening to a lot more Praise and Worship music in my car in the past  few months. I have to tell you that is all I  have been listening to now and loving every minute.It just gives you a different look on the day. I think when you start it out with worshiping the Lord your day is brighter! I can honestly say I have felt closer to our God these past 6 months than I have in a long time.
This past week has been better for me. I am feeling better and trusting more in God to keep giving me the strength that I need. I have been back to work and belly dance this week. While I was out and about this week. I have noticed that the SAME song keeps coming on the radio. I knew enough of the song to sing along to it so I would. I heard it twice yesterday.... on my way to the salon and on my way to belly dance. After hearing it 6 or so times in the car I realized I never listened to the song. So on my way to belly dance I didn't sing along with the song I listened. The song hit my like a cement block in the back of my head! It  was exactly what I needed my heart to hear. After the song was over I just felt this calmness in my whole body. Like a heavy weight lifted from me. I know very well that was the work of our amazing Lord.
He keep playing that song to me and I never listened. We all know we have a persistent God and He will get the message to us somewhere... somehow.  He opened my eyes and my heart to something that has helped me to heal and I think that is just amazing. I am in such awe of His work. If you will just sit back and listen to Him, He will speak to you.

Here is the clip of the song by Josh Wilson.... Before the Morning.

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