Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Blow Out"

First I have to give a big THANKS to my wonderful husband for creating my new blog look! I have been wanting a custom look for a while now. I was emailing some different people so I guess he knew I was serious and got to work! He can do it but never really sat down to redo my blog until I told him I was going to PAY someone to do it! :) As soon as I told him the prices he ran into the office and started working away! It took him most of the evening and all of this morning to finish it all. I LOVE IT!!! The only thing I want to add is a button and graphics for my blog roll, about me, archives, etc. So thank you so very much Deric, you are the best!
Here is your "Hair Tip of the week"!

I really hope you enjoy and practice this tip! You and your hair will love it!!

Come back each week to check out that week's hair tip! I am here for you! If you have any questions about what I did today or on styles you want to see PLEASE let me know!

Also this second Video is for Ana Kate!! She is such a cutie! Her momma told me Ana Kate was telling me Hi and giving kisses to the computer screen. She couldn't figure out why I couldn't hear her!! TOO SWEET!


  1. Ana Kate loved the video! She was talking to you the whole time and at the end she hugged and kissed the laptop screen! I'll have to have her watch it again and video her reaction for's sweet.

  2. Thank you so much for your videos! I am really excited about it. You are so sweet and I look forward to learning more! I do have a question though, my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders, what size round brush should I be using? I have tried to blow dry my hair with a round brush before, but I have never been real good at it. I will give another shot now with your tips. Thank you again from a girl who dreams of learning how to style her own hair!

  3. Hi Elizabeth!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would recommend using a large round brush... 2 to 3 inches in diameter. A larger one will help you if you are still working on your round brush skills. This will keep you from getting it tangled up in your hair. Trust me... I have been there! LOL

  4. Awesome--I really love seeing these! I have short hair now (check out my facebook picture--any way you could get a model with short hair to experiment on?
    I'm good with putting product in my hair while blowdrying (root booster) and some hair spray/pomade after, but I feel like they come out quickly and I'm left with flat hair...I will totally try your velcro curler technique and see if it helps!

  5. Eileen~
    You can just the same process with short hair.. no problem. When you apply your pomade start with your hair flipped upside down. This was you are pushing your hair in an upward motion. And remember LESS is more with pomade... especially with fine hair. The weight of the pomade can pull the volume out of your hair! And get you some rollers.... those are money!

  6. How neet! I have started using a bigger round brush and I have to say it makes straightening my hair A LOT faster :0) I can't wait to try the teaser comb, I guess that means you need to stock up and sell some of those!

    Love the video blog, I am not that brave yet. Great way to reach out to your clients, MJ! When I am ready to redo my blog I am calling on you and Deric.

  7. Amanda I LOVE these tips!

    Here is your challenge should you choose to accept it:

    My hair SUCKS. Like really really sucks. I don't have a ton of time to make it look presentable so sadly it's in a ponytail most of the time. I have to wear it off my face and out of my way for work (nurse). It's in dire need of a cut and new style. It's about half way down my back now and my bangs are grown out. Suggestions?

    I'm totally buying some of those velcro rollers and trying them. I have root booster that I'm not that happy with, so I'll look for the brand you recommended.

  8. Jen~
    First your hair doesn't suck... you just need a little TLC! lol I know you have pretty good wave in it. So I suggested that you cut some length to take some weight off of it. Also put some layers in it to help boost the curl so you can have a "wash a go" style. Just a little curl balm and maybe a diffuser while you dry it! That will make your life a lot easier. As for bangs.... I say keep em long.. because you have to have them back off your face.

    P.S next week is diffuser week! For those curly styles!