Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping day...

Today was a very busy day off of work. I had to go in for what I thought would  be my last blood work at the doctors.. WRONG! My hormone level is now 19...close but needs to be zero. So I will be heading back next Thursday! I have given the lab at least ten vials blood in the past 2 1\2 weeks! At least it is finally dropping bigger amounts rather than one point at a time!

Anyways, remember the baby shower I hosted in February? Well let me introduce you to.....
                                                                   Miss Farrah Skye.

                                                               Born March 15th
                                                                     6lbs 9oz 
                                                                  19.5 inches

Did I mention she is  full of cuteness! Well I am going to start to keeping this little princess starting next Thursday.I offered to her momma and I have Thursdays off and she was needing someone to keep her!  So it was set that every Thursday her Aunt Mj was going to keep her!  I needed some baby gear for my house now. I was on a mission to find a swing... the girl LOVES her swing. I wanted one that was up far enough from the floor so Divot and Birdie would let her be. I looked on Criag's list at some but there was a consignment show today and I found a great swing for just 40 bucks!! I did buy some bows for Farrah also. The girl is in need of some bows! The one she has on in the picture is the only one she has!

                        This was her first lunch date... doesn't Corienna look great.. Farrah is only 2 wks old!
                                                       I know STINKIN CUTE!
I took this picture last Thursday when I kept Farrah for a few hours so momma could have a break!  

Ok... after the sale I was on my second mission to find a big  flower pot for the front of the house. I had trees there all winter and now it look bare! I wanted something to help bring color to the house!  First stop was Target. My neighbor, Marcia.... a.k.a  Arkansas Mom... went with me. I didn't find the right pot but I did see Ashley and Avery from Ashley's Avenue!!! I have seen Ashley at Target sooo many time but never talked to her! Well, because I didn't want her to think I was some crazy and knows her whole life!! I love it when I get a chance to meet the blog girls I follow!
*P.S  The last time I saw Ashely in Target was the day I found out I was pregnant. I was talking on the phone while in the baby section trying to find the perfect gift for Deric. I really wanted to just go up to someone to scream that I was pregnant! But I resisted..... thank goodness! LOL  I remember this so clearly because I was thinking the whole time.. that is going to be in 10 months.... shopping with MY baby and then blogging about it! LOL
                      Thanks Ashley for chatting and it was so nice to meet you FINALLY!!

                                             And YES Avery is THE cutest little princess!

After all the excitement at Target it was off to Home Depot. I did find the pot that I was looking for!
I am going to plant some sweet potato vine and wave petunias in it! I can see it now... GORGEOUS!
I also picked up some herbs there. Deric really wanted to try out a herb garden this year. I picked up basil, oregano, parsley,rosemary and sage. Do ya'll grow herbs?? I hope we don't kill em! I have pretty green thumb when it comes to flowers so I hope it will wear off on the herbs!

I ended my evening with my belly dance workout class. I have it every Thursday night at 6:30! I have so much fun at class and have made many new friends I can shimmy with! LOL
I feel like I have gotten a lot done today. I did do some laundry and dishes. But my bathrooms didn't get any T.L.C. today. Oh well.... they will be there tomorrow!


  1. what a fun day! i'm sure you won't spoil miss farrah AT.ALL. :) she will be so lucky to have you loving on her every thursday.

    and how fun that you met ashley! i've just recently started reading her blog. one more reason for me to move or visit arkansas! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, great pictures!!! And I am SO glad that I got to meet you! Added you to my top friends!

    Can't wait to see you again, I will have to stop in & bring ya a Sonic drink soon!!! =)

  3. I love that both Ashley's commented!! LOL Ashley L... Meet Ashley B... she is the reason I found Kelly and then found you! Thanks for stopping by girls!

  4. I love that both Ashley's commented!! LOL Ashley L... Meet Ashley B... she is the reason I found Kelly and then found you! Thanks for stopping by girls!