Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Is my birthday.... I am 26 years old today! I can't believe that I am 26... growing up! :) Today has been a great day. Amelia has been in a happy mood all day! My best friend, Val, took us girls to lunch. I love meeting up for lunches. It is fun to get out of the house!

(dont pay attention to our unmade bed and the toys everywhere it's my bday I don't have to make it! I have yet to make the bed this week so far! Don't judge)

Last night I met some of my other sweet friends for dinner. We celebrated at Chili's! I picked to go there last year and this year! Funny that last year I was just about to find out if I was having a girl or boy and that is all we talked about. This year pretty much the same... still talked about that baby girl! LOL Amelia is so spoiled rotten by all of her "Aunties". I am 100% sure the ladies really just wanted to hang out with Little A!

Bea got me cute photo frame and some yummy candels plus some really cute earrings! They make noise... my favorite. Robin made these ADORABLE coasters for me. They have got to be the cutest idea I have ever came across! So personal!

When we got home from dinner Deric had a bundle of flowers and some cookies for me! I have been a sweet tooth kick so I was pumped to see the cookies! That man knows how to treat his wife! Flowers and chocolate chip cookies is the way to my heart!

On a serious note. My neighbor, Marcia, who is like my AR mom has surgery today. She had a autoimmune disease that caused all kinds of damage to her spinal cord. She goes for surgery every year to replace the batteries in her back that pulse on her spinal cord. It is like a pace maker for her back that never shuts off. I just got word that is all is well and she is out of surgery. She should have been able to be released shortly after surgery but they were delayed by a few hours. So they are keeping her over night. Marcia went to Mayo Clinic in FL for the surgery. That is where her wonderful doctor is. Remember when I went to FL with her in April. We went to see her doctor while we were there.
See, she had surgery just a few days after Amelia was born here in AR and has been messed up since. Poor lady hasn't had any relief. So if you could keep Marcia in your thoughts and prayers these next few days. I am sure she will be in LOTS of pain for a week or so.

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