Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 month

Amelia you turned 7 months yesterday! I can NOT believe this! You are growing way to fast. You are such a BUSY little thing. You are now mobile and we can't slow you down. There is nothing I love more than just watching you. I love the way you discover the world around you. Everything is the "best" thing ever!

~Here are your 7 month stats~

* wearing 6 months clothes mostly but have gotten your 9 month oneies/jammies out
*size 2 diaper and smallest setting still on your cloth diapers
* 4 oz of milk every three hours during the day
*cereal and fruit in the morning, 2 oz of veggies afternoon, evening fruit and veggies 4 oz total
*you sign "eat","milk", and sometimes "all done"
* you blow raspberries all the time, love doing it while you eat :)
*sleeping mostly through the night, every now and then waking up at least once
*bed at 8:30 wake at 7am
* morning nap for about an hour, 2.5 hr nap in the afternoon, sometimes a late afternoon snooze for about 45 mins
*still LOVE bath time... water baby

*plays really well on your own*love playing with ipad/ laptop/ iphone, I swear you will be one and know everything about the ipad!
*love books, we sit in your room all the time and read!
*love to be sang too
*you smile all the time and now giggle... my favorite
*your favorite lately is still outside, Daddy takes you outside all the time while I make dinner
*sitting like a big girl since July
*crawling now (belly)

* you now have figured out the different rooms in the house
*discovered the dogs, you chase them all the time
*you love the door stoppers.. you pull on them all the time! :)
*you want to touch everything
*started to hold yourself up to the couch/coffee table
*still no teeth but drooling all the time
*still the happiest sweetest little baby
*MOMMA"S girl, you get mad when you can't see me some days

You are the most amazing gift and I still can't believe we are blessed to be your parents. I adore and love you more than you will ever know, Princess!


  1. The picture of bathtime is HILARIOUS! She looks like a troll doll.

  2. Okay, I haven't been reading this week because of school... so I'm catching up now. I just realized I've commneted on all 3 of your last posts.

    I just had to tell you how cute the outfit Amelia is wearing is... adorable!!

  3. What a cutie! I need to have another phone date with the little miss this week since she is "talking" so much! I can't believe she can still fit into that tutu. Love you guys! xoxoxo