Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Full House

Our house was packed full of family last week! It was so nice to have Deric's family here for most of the week. But lets be honest....they only came to see the Princess! Amelia loved all of the attention and now her daddy and I are suffering the aftermaths of it! She NEVER wants to be left alone... if she can't see me she cries! So thanks Grandma Linda, Aunt Kim, Nick, Nikohl, and Nathan for spoiling our girl rotten and then leaving! HA
Kohl and Amelia

The gang got here on a Saturday, July 30 and stayed until Thursday, August 4th. We mostly stayed indoors and   relaxed! It was so HOT here! Saturday after they got in a snagged up Amelia we headed out for pizza at "Mellow Mushroom". We love that place! That night we just stayed home and enjoyed visiting! We hadn't seen any of Deric's family since April so we had a lot to get caught up on!
family bonding time!

Sunday we all got up and went to Church. This was the first time we went to this church. We have been trying to find a church that we love. The church is minutes...  I mean like 2 minutes from our house. We can see it from our entrance to the neighborhood! We had a really nice family invite us to join them and their sunday school class. He works with Deric at J.B.Hunt. It was really nice and they showed us all around. Amelia was a SWEET girl during the whole service.  She will be needing to go to the nursery soon though... she is into everything these days!
Kohl's dress I made!

Nick and Amelia

Nate being silly!

 After church we came home and I made lunch. After lunch we made a target run with my SIL and the kids. We were getting stir crazy and needed to get out! We had time to kill before our evening photo shoot! Yes, my wonderful friend, Candace, took all the kid's photos for us. I wanted to get their photos done since all four grandkids were together. Nick, the oldest, is headed to boot camp at the end of the month. He is joining the Navy. We are so proud of him!

Nate needed a hair cut before the photo shoot!

Funny story.... I didn't dress Amelia in her outfit before we left the house well because you know... she is 6 month old. I tried on the outfits and got the matching bow (of course). Packed up the diaper bag and out the door we went all 8 of us! Well, I guess because I had baby and diaper bag and figured we had everything we were good. OH how wrong was I!! We got all the way to the park which was about 20 minutes away and guess what I forgot. Yep, Ameila's outfits! GRRRR, I was fired up!  She wasn't even in a outfit that matched her cousins and we were doing our family pics too! So I ran home and Candace took pics of the other kids!! GOSH.... I was mad!

 But I got back in a timely manner because i sped the whole way there wasn't a lick of traffic.  And our photos I am sure turned out pretty cute! I can't wait to see Candace's. This one below are ones Deric snapped.

Monday, Deric took half a day so we could all hang out. We had lunch at our "Five Guys"... yummy.  We  did go to "Fast Lanes" to let the kids play arcade games and laser tag that night. That was a lot of fun! We had a lot of fun! We had family game night too! We had a blast and got a little rowdy a couple of times!

Tuesday, Deric took another 1/2 day and came home at lunch time. That morning I took everyone to "Jump Zone".Nate and Kohl LOVED that place! It was a good way for them to run and burn out of energy but stay indoors! Amelia had a great time too! She LOVED watching all the kids run around.

We came home and had lunch at the house because we went out for dinner that night. Dinner was our birthday celebration for Linda and Deric. It was the first time in years that Deric and his mom saw each other  for their birthdays!

Wednesday morning I did  Linda, Kim's and Kohls hair at the shop. We met Deric for lunch at Chick-fli-a about noon.  I had to work that afternoon so they got to babysit for a couple of hours! Deric came home and they hung out. I picked up a cheesecake from "Copeland"s" on my way home from work..... yummy! We celebrated the birthdays yet again that night!

Thursday was Linda's actual birthday but also the day they were leaving. They weren't leaving until late afternoon so we did get to have lunch before they headed out. They take two days to travel because it is a 12 hour drive.

This photo cracks me up... Amelia loved and I mean LOVED Kohl!
 I am pretty sure you see the theme going on here in the photos...... everyone trying to get their hands on Amelia! She was eating it all up! Spoiled Rotten!

It was so nice having family around! Amelia was a little fussy while they were here but I think it was because she isn't use to that much activity around the house! She wasn't hurting for any attention that is for sure! I have had a hard time getting her back into our normal routine, but that is what happens! :)


  1. I can't wait to see the family photos! I know it will mean so much to them to have photos of all the grandkids together. It looks like Amelia got lots and lots of lovin'!

  2. awww I LOVE that picture of Amelia and Kohl...sooooo adorable