Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Our first baby is 6 years old today! He may be a little hairy and have really smelly breathe but we still love him!

 This was the very first day we had Divot! After his first bath!!!

 Sweet Boy chewing on me!

Still my all time favorite photo of Div-Bone!
 this was the summer of 07
 Halloween of 08
 summer of 09 with his cute haircut
this was 2011 right after we got our new camera

Amelia has really started to love the pups and Divot is "more than happy"! He has adjusted to baby sister really well. He is always near her. I saw all the time I don't really need a baby monitor because Divot comes and gets me all the time!

I think he is a great big brother

 Hahaha she was giving some birthday love this morning!

Divot you are still our sweet boy and I love you so much! I knew you would be a trooper when baby was born! You love her just like the rest of us! Happy 6th Birthday to our sweet boy!!!


  1. Gosh, I forgot how tiny he was as a puppy. You can tell he LOVES his baby sister! xoxo

  2. I love it! He is so precious and they are so adorable together.