Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get Caught Up

Geezz..... I know I have been slacking. But I have been staying busy between being a working mom, sewing like crazy and traveling.Speaking of traveling, Amelia and I went to see my parents and sister for the 4th of July. I know we are a few weeks late on posting.. but Hey.. give me a break!
As I mentioned before my parents are in in GA. It was the first time we visited and I can not wait to go back! I braved the trip alone with Amelia. We flew and had a layover so I was some what nervous about getting to my next flight on time. But I did great (patting myself on the back) and Amelia was the BEST baby!! She is such a good traveler! I am one proud momma!

My mom volunteers at the local museum and the director is leaving so they had a little party there to honor her. My mom and the director have become fast friends and I know they will miss each other like crazy!

Amelia giving full blow out sugars!

They live in such a cute charming town. It has that historic feel as you drive through town. Maybe it was the HUGE old Antebellum Homes lining the streets and the beautiful fountain down on the town square. It is a sweet town that you could just drive or walk around all day and find entertainment... walking when it is maybe not 100 degrees plus! I have decided that we will be making a trip in the fall... when I can be outside for more than hour at a time! I forgot to get out my camera when we were driving around. I was to busy looking around!

Because it was so darn hot we mostly hung out at the pool... which is all that I had on my list of things to do! :) Amelia loved and I mean LOVED the pool! She cried every time I would take her out.

She would just slash and squeal while I held her in the pool! I did bring her float but she wanted to be held in the water.She didn't really fit to well in the float, it scared me so we took turns holding her.

We did tour a Antebellum Mansion called Hills and Dales Estate. It was beautiful! I am glad we went! My plan is to go back when it isn't a million degrees out and tour the gardens more. We didn't get to spend very much time because poor Amelia was so HOT! If you have time click on the link to see their website. It is worth it! The Callaway family built the home and gardens. This family owns pretty much everything around town! Kinda reminded me of the Waltons here in AR! HA Here are so beautiful photos I snapped!

this was a swimming pool back in the day!
Jen and Blake sitting in "Lovers Lane"

Another cool thing is that Robert Duvall was there the day before us! I took a photo of his John Hancock on the guest book!! Man, I can't believe we missed him!

The house was amazing but no indoor photographing was allowed! But I did get some really cute pictures of Amelia on the porch after the house tour!

After about 2 days of being at my parents my camera battery died! I was so upset. I didn't even think about packing an extra! So I don't have anymore photos... BOOOO

This is a funny tidbit. On our first flight coming back we had a flight attendant off duty right next to us. As she sat down she said "OH Great, by the screamer! At least she is cute" I wanted to Hit her across the face brag about how wonderful my little Amelia is but she did say she was cute. I told her not to worry because my girl is great on flights and she will mostly likely fall alseep during take off. She shrugged her shoulders made a "yeah right" face and closed her eyes. As it turns out Amelia did just what I said. She was feel to sleep during take off and stayed asleep until we landed! HA The woman did mention during the flight "I guess you were right she is one good baby and a cute one too!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. It is so pretty! Are your parents enjoying living in GA? Dad like his job? Our dad's basically do the same thing, so I'm glad that he has work, hopefully in his field.
    Okay--that flight attendant--rude! I can't believe she would say that! When I traveled with kids, people would do the same thing, but they never made a peep. It isn't like parents enjoy when their kids cry. I'm not sure I would be able to keep the snark inside.