Monday, July 25, 2011

I don't have much to blog about! Amelia was not feeling good all weekend with a fever. We stayed in all weekend and snuggled with her.
I have a ton of photos in my phone that I need to post. I thought today would be a perfect time to do it!!

I have been keeping busy with all my sewing projects! I soon will be getting a new sewing/embroidering machine.. Thanks to my wonderful husband! Happy early bday and anniversary to me!!!
Look at my sweet girl in this adorable dress I made!!

My friend Mary gave birth to her twin boys on Thursday and this was part of her gift!

I made myself a cute flower shirt!

My co-workers zebra skirt for her birthday!

Our after bath cutie! I don't know what it is about Amelia after a bath a wrapped up in a hooded towel but I can't get enough of it!!! She is so darn cute!

My best friend, Val, and sweet baby on Val's birthday!

My two favorite loves.... loving this photo so much!

Sweet girl today! I love her outfit!

And because Divot needs some blog love! Please excuse his dirtyness... He helped me clean out the flower beds this morning! Which I haven't touched all summer. So you can just picture the mess! I am to ashamed to post a picture of what they looked liked!

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