Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For my Notes

We had Amelia's Well Baby check up today so I wanted to document her stats from the appointment. Amelia, you are now in the 10th percentile! You finally moved up! You weighed 13.9 pounds, 26 inches long and your head measured 41 cm.  Tiny princess but getting so big!!
Because it just wouldn't be right without posting pictures of the star of the blog here a few I snapped this afternoon!

Divot doesn't really  know what to think about Baby Sis!

My favorite Girl!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! We are staying in because Amelia isn't feeling her best (not that you can tell in these photos!). We are going to try to stay cool our house gets so HOT in the afternoon.... I can't wait until we are not in 100 degree weather!

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  1. The picture of little A and Div is so sweet! My two favorites! xoxoxo