Sunday, July 17, 2011

6 Months

Amelia you are 1/2 a year old today! Time needs to stand you are growing WAY to fast. You still capture more of our hearts each day. You make us smile and laugh everyday! Amelia, you are such a joy.... the light of our lives!

Your 6 Month old Stats

~ Weigh about 13 ish pounds... we find out Tuesday at your well baby check
~ Size 3-6 months , 6 Month and a few 3 months clothes
~Size 2 diaper / smallest setting on your cloth diapers
~ Still fit into your newborn size shoes!! You have a TON of shoes you need to be growing into soon!
~Drink 4-6 oz of  B.M every 3 hours
~Eating homemade baby food every other feeding during the day! You haven't tasted anything you don't love except peaches!

~ Sitting up like a big girl since July 6....
~ Starting to "Army" crawl
~When you are on your belly you turn around all the time
~Playing with your big girl toys so much more now that you can sit
~Love to watch T.V..... the you stare at the "Today Show" every morning when mommy watches it!
~ Starting to pay more attention to baby signs.... you have signed "eat" a few times!
~You love to be sang to
~Still love to be on the move

~LOVE the water... bath times or swimming... you are in heaven every time you get in the water
~We are working on letting you go to sleep on our own.... you DON"T like it. You want us to hold and walk you every time!
~You are slobbering like crazy..... hopefully you get a tooth soon.
~Most of the time you are the happiest baby
~You are the center of attention and know it! You get mad if you want attention and aren't getting it fast enough!
~You added GA to the states you have been in.

You are our  pride and joy, Baby Girl. I pray that you grow and continue to be happy and healthy. You are our tiny blessing and couldn't love you more! We adore you!

I thought it would be nice to look back from the first 6 monthly pictures for comparison! 


  1. She is such a stinkin' doll! I love seeing all her month-by-month pics together. The bows are getting bigger and better every month too :) Happy 6 months Amelia!!

  2. Six months old today - how can that be? It seems you were just born yesterday! These adorable pictures just melt my heart. You are such a sweet happy lovable grandbaby that I can't wait to hold again! I'm so glad that we will be seeing you & Mommy and Daddy in a couple of weeks. Love & kisses.

  3. I love watching your daughter grow. She has the most beautiful smile. Congratulations. I really can't believe it has been six months. It seemed like your pregnancy went by really fast too!!