Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Christmas

We packed up and headed to Indiana for Christmas. It was a long 12 hours in the car but at least Amelia did GREAT! We got to Deric's parents house on Friday night and will get to stay here all week. Everyone is enjoying loving on Amelia and she is loving the attention!
Christmas Eve we didn't do much of anything during the day which was nice. We did head up to my sister's in-laws house to see her and Blake. Since our parents don't live in our home town anymore it makes things a little tricky.
 We opened our gifts from them that night. Amelia got the cutest little ride-on toy from them. However, she doesn't really get the idea of it yet. She prefers to push it around. Deric did push her on it the other night and she liked it.

They got me a really neat gift! I finally am getting started on my canvas photos for our living room wall! Jen picked a great photo to start out my project. Deric got some really nice glasses with his monogram in etched in them. After we hung out with them we headed out for Christmas Eve service. Our home church usually does a 10:00p.m service but this year it was at 7:00 so I knew we would be able to make it. Amelia did pretty good in church. We did have to take her out just for a little bit. She is walking all over the place and does NOT like to sit still! I think her daddy and I were more worried about her noise than what other people were!

 Christmas morning and day was a bit different for me. Not only was it the first Christmas with Amelia, but the first not to see my parents. It is so strange to be so close to the home I grew up in but not stopping in! We did go to church Sunday morning and Amelia looked adorable! I just loved her Christmas dress and her little red shoes! She did great during church and we even got some cute photos of her afterwards. She just loves this little red rocking chair. It was Linda's when she was a little girl. Amelia has played so much with it this week.

After church my SIL and her family came over for lunch and to open gifts. Our oldest nephew,Nick, got to come home for Christmas. He just graduated from boot camp and  now a sailor!n We are proud of our Navy nephew!

Amelia's little Christmas outfit I made and Nick
  It was so much fun this year to see our sweet girl enjoying her first Christmas. Amelia was really into opening her and everyone else's  gifts. She is your typical kid... she wanted her toys out of the box as soon as she unwrapped it. Thankfully we have plenty of room left in the car to fit everything home.

sweet Kohl and her robe we got her

Nick and Nate.... 

think she liked her baby doll??

Christmas evening we went back to see my sister to take her and Blake's gifts.... I forgot to grab them the night before. Or maybe it was just a sign that I needed to go see her on Christmas night!
I sure hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to enjoy your families! Even though we haven't gotten to visit with my parents I feel right at home at my in-laws house. I mean I have been in the family for 11 years now so it isn't strange to just hang out here!

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