Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Thanksgiving and Decorating

This year on Thanksgiving we had a lot to be Thankful for! Not only was it Amelia's first Thanksgiving it was our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3! We had my family here to celebrate with! I made the traditional turkey and all the fixings. This year I made a sweet potato casserole and it was so yummy!! I will for sure make it every year I cook!
I didn't take many photos while my family was here.... I know BAD mom. Deric did get some pictures of Amelia. I am usually  all about snapping tons of photos while we are around family. But this year I guess I was busier this year! ;)

My sister and I did get our Chirstmas tree up! I LOVE it! Amelia seems to really love looking at it. She hasn't messed with it as much as I thought. We had to move our living room around a bit to fit the tree by the fireplace.We have a sectional and  1/2 of it is in our bedroom! HA

We decided our Christmas will be new furniture... not just because of the tree. We have been wanting a smaller couch then a really fun pattern chair. Now that we can see the space with our sectional taken apart we really got a feel for what it would look like. I went yesterday and ordered the new couch and chair. I am super excited to get it in the house! So if any of your local gals need/ want a sectional let me know! We have one for sale! HA

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  1. You are crazy! Why am I in my pjs on your blog?!?!