Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Months and walking!

How can this be??? 10 MONTHS!!! Even bigger news is that you took your first steps on your 10 month bday!! I am so PROUD of you!! I was so happy that I got to see you take your first two steps!!  I took this mallet away from you and you stepped right over to me and yanked it out of my hands!! HA

But really.. I am not ready to start thinking about her birthday coming up in 8 weeks!! I havent nailed down on a "theme" for her first birthday... I may not even do a "theme". I am lost... I am usually one to know what I want to do MONTHS ahead of time. But I guess because I am not even ready for her to be one I don't want to think about it! Amelia, you are such a joy and a precious baby! You amaze your daddy and I every single day!

Here are your 10 month old stats baby girl!!

 ~ You wear mostly 9 month clothes some 12 months but they are too big
 ~medium setting on your cloth diapers/ size 3 in pampers
 ~size 2 shoe ~weigh about 17 lbs 26 inches tall 
~you now will drink 6 oz of milk every 4 hours

 ~you havent refused any food we have given you ye! You are an AWESOME eater
 ~you have two bottom teeth but working on what looks like 3 more
 ~ you take at least two naps a day and now sleeping MUCH better at night
 ~we have had almost a week of all night sleep.. YAY

~ happy girl most of the time ~smiles, giggles, and talks all day
 ~ can now stand up for a long time on your own
 ~you are now walking!!! I can't believe it! 
~you can follow comands ie: give that to momma or no not in your mouth 
~you cry when we tell you no, and you have mastered the fake cough

 ~playing really well on your own. You LOVE to look at books.. makes me so happy!
 ~ saying "Mama, Dada, Div,and Hi 
~signs milk, more, eat, all done
 ~starting to show you attuide more. I think we are going to have a drama queen our hands!!

 I say this every month but it holds true. Amelia you are the light of our lives! The greatest gift in the world! Our house never has a dull moment now that you are here!


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