Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cards

First, I have to brag on my friend Candace. Not only does she take WONDERFUL care of Amelia every Friday while I am at work, but she does photo shoots of her! I am WAY behind on our Christmas gifting list,.  including getting Christmas Cards out!  But because of Candace's wonderful talent I now have beautiful photos of my girl to put on our cards this year! I got them done today... thanks to Wal-Mart one hour photo. I would have really loved to use an online site which I have always done before but let's face it... time is running out and I need to get things off my list knocked out.

I mean we haven't really bought anything for anyone besides Amelia! I have a ton  few sewing projects to do for gifts still. To top all of the undone things on my list I have come down with a horrible sinus infection which I have lost my voice over and feel like death..... to put it blunt. Thankfully Deric is keeping Amelia busy as much as he can but she isn't feeling her best either.  I will hopefully be back to my normal self by this week with the help of the RX  I got yesterday.  If you don't hear from me until after Christmas just know that I am in the "sweat shop" sewing like a mad women!  OH, and taking care of a almost 11 month walking around like crazy baby girl.  ;)

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