Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet Melissa, 27, NW Indiana/Chicago Area

Hi there! I’m Amanda’s sister, Jen! And I’m hijacking her blog for the day to tell you about my amazing friend and college roommate, Melissa, as a part of  Kelly’sShow Us Your Singles.”

Melissa truly is a catch looking her lobster! (I hope you got that “Friends” reference, because, well, I’m pretty sure Melissa can quote every episode!  If you like “Friends”  it will definitely earn you some extra credit points…oh, and Justin Timberlake….she likes him too  J!)   She is the kindest and most sincere person I know.  She is very insightful and intelligent. She loves deeply – her relationship with God is of the most important, she is very close with her family and friends, and she is just about the most fantastic friend you could ever wish for! She goes out of her way to make those around her feel comfortable, welcome, appreciated, and love.  Her greatest joy is to make your load easier to carry. She truly has a servant’s heart. Believe me; I wouldn’t have been so successful in college without her thoughtfulness, kindness, silliness and humor!

Melissa and her baby brother Raymond
We attended a Christian college in Indiana where she studied Psychology and then she earned a Master’s in Counseling Psychology at another Indiana Christian college. She is currently a middle school counselor. She has been involved in leading her church youth practically since the day she was “too old” to be in youth group! She loves to have fun with the kids and gets right in the middle of their crazy antics.
Melissa is in the back right, wearing a red bandanna
 Melissa is a girl who prefers ice cream over flowers, quality time over elaborate displays, and sweatshirts over party dresses and high heels (but she looks darn cute in a dress too!). She is a simple, fun loving girl who loves to laugh, likes Italian food (she is half Italian), chocolate, watching TV and movies, hanging out with her friends and family, and being present in each and every day of her life. I know she will be a fantastic wife and mother!

When I asked her what she wanted in a guy, this is what she replied:
“So what do I want in a guy......he has to love Jesus, that's most important. I want a spiritual leader that I can rely on. I want him to be funny and caring and good with money. Someone who understands taxes and money management and all that stuff that I hate. It'd be great if he played an instrument, maybe the guitar or piano. You know I like that. :) Also it'd be awesome if he loved movies and did not ride a motorcycle.” 

Please leave a comment with your email or blog link if you would like to get know my dear, sweet, Melissa more!



  1. You (Jen) visited my post about my brother, Anthonie. (

    You asked if I thought "they'd hit if off"...funny thing, I actually visited your (Jen's) post before you made a comment, and I was thinking the same thing! From what I've read, I think they may have some things in common. =) Now what? Hmm....

  2. Lianna,

    That's wonderful! I'll pass along Melissa's email address via your email address listed in your blog. She can be a little shy at first, but is loads of fun!


  3. Check out my cousin, Austin (#22). :)