Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Break

We are still here! My poor blog has yet again been put on the back burner. Between playing with Amelia, keeping the house somewhat clean, and sewing I haven't found much time to sit and blog. I normally use nap time to sew that is "my time" and do housework each day to keep it up. Amelia is getting pretty good at helping around the house. It is crazy how big she is getting!!
Speaking of which we are coming upon her 21 month birthday and we are going to tackle 3 day potty training this next week!! Eeekkkk!!! I am pretty positive she is ready and will succeed. She tells us right after she goes potty almost every time. My goal is to have her completely trained by Thanksgiving. :) She is a genius so I know she will rock it out! ;) I will update the blog next week when we start.
I have been asked so many times i if I would sell clothing. I usually just make adorable outfits for Amelia but I have decided to take a jab at it. I am offering 3 dresses/ruffle pants for Christmas. All dresses are $35 and pants are $ 15 . Each outfit is down right adorable. If you are interest and have a girl in size newborn- 6 let me know if want order.
Amelia is pretty much the cutest model ever! :)

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