Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tough Week

We have had some major upsets in our house/ family this week. Not only did we all get the flu virus but we had a horrible attempt to potty training. Amelia hated it. Hated it may be a an under statement. :)
My sister suffered a loss of her own. One that I have felt before... A miscarriage. My heart breaks for her and Blake. I was and am so excited to be an auntie, this just broke my heart..

Our world continued to get worse. Our sweet Grandma went home to be with Jesus, yesterday. :( Grandma Jayne was very ill and has been for a long time. I have very few memories of her being healthy. She has suffered many strokes on top of being a sever diabetic. She slipped into a coma on Thursday and woke up Friday. The doctors thought she was doing better and were going to send her back to the rehab center. My parents were driving down to FL on friday hoping to get there to see her. However, she took a turn for the worse. Mu grandpa was called back to the hospital shortly after he left. She went back into a coma and went to be with The Lord.
My heart is at peace. I know she is in a much better place. She couldn't talk, walk, or sing(which was a passion). I know she is up in heaven rocking some great-babies that we will meet one day. :)
I am just sad I didn't make it back to see her before she got so bad. Amelia and I are flying out to be with my mom who is with my grandpa next week.
My grandpa needs our prayers. He has suffered a huge loss. He isn't a man of emotion so it is hard to read him. My mom said he is pretty shaking up. It is going to be really hard next week to see him so sad. I am hoping Amelia can bring him some much needed happiness.
I am thankful for the time I got to spend with Grandma a year ago when she was healthier and got to love on Amelia. I know in my heart Grandma
will be looking down at her everyday. :)
I love you, Grandma, you will be terribly missed.

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  1. You are too sweet and too wonderful. Love you. xoxoxo