Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Here is our sweet little rainbow! Yes,I made her costume! I loved the way it turned out! She loved it and kept it on the whole time. I was glad she was wrapped in fleece because it did get kinda chilly that night!

We had a great Halloween this year! Amelia was "into" it more than I thought she would be. We had a full day of fun. After naps my friend , Jenny, and I took the kiddos to see the dads at work. Both Deric and Matt together so it worked perfect that we got to go together.


They had a lot for kids there this year, which made it fun. Amelia wasn't saying "trick or treat" but didn't have any problems with taking candy! She did keep saying "OHHH, look at that" every time she would get candy! It was so funny! We made our rounds and she got a ton of candy!


Jenny and Matt hosted dinner and the Calhoun's joined us also. Have I mentioned about how much I adore our neighbors?? We have the best! We had a great chili dinner with all the fixing then we all went to "trunk or treat". It really wasn't that cold so it was nice to not be freezing like last year! Amelia wasn't into trunk or treating. She really couldn't play most of the games and didn't like to wait! She had fun just walking around and looking at some dogs that were dresses up!

Somehow, we didn't get a photo of the three of us :( But at least I got some photos!

The church had everything from free food to jump houses but Amelia just wanted to look at the dogs! We stayed about an hour and went back to have dessert and let the kids play. Here is a photo before we go to trick or treating minus Emmy. She was bundle up in her stroller.

I can't wait to see these kids grow up and trick or treat together for many years!!!



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