Thursday, September 29, 2011

Girls week

Deric has been traveling this week for work so us girls are getting some great alone time!
Tuesday is my day off of work so after we dropped daddy off at the airport we came home and played,napped, and ate! After Amelia's late afternoon nap we headed to Hobby lobby.
I wanted get some stuff to spruce up our fall wreath. I was sick of it but didn't want to spend 100 plus dollars on one. Thanks to pinterest I have had some good ideas to go with.

Once Amelia went to bed I got a shirt done that I wanted to try out. Also from pinterest. I love that app! They had it as a dress for 2t. Since Amelia is now wear close to that size and dresses are gettin caught up under A's she crawls. So I made it shorter for a tunic length. I just loved how it turned out! She looks so big in this picture!!!

Amelia hasnt been sleeping well lately but she only woke up twice Tuesday and slept in a bit!! It was a nice change! Her poor teeth are bugging her. She is a droll box again and wants to chew on EVERYTHING! I had caught her chewing in her crib a few times!
Auntie Val came over last night to keep Amelia after Marcia left. Marcia leave across the street and is basically my AR mom. She keeps Amelia every Wednesday. Anyhow, we had a fun night! I colored Val's hair after Amelia was in bed and just hung out. Val ended up staying the nigh since it was passed 10 by the time I was done with her hair!
Today we are just hanging out and cleaning up the house. Daddy will be home tomorrow and we can't wait! I hate when he is gone! It shows me how hard it would be to be a single mom! I haven't gotten a moment for myself! Can't even go to the bathroom with out Amelia crawling after me!! But I love that she is a momma's girl! She melts my heart!

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