Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little pumpkin

I decided after I got home from work I wanted to take Amelia to the pumpkin patch. I have heard of this one that has a corn maze, cow train, petting zoo and of course pumpkins. When checking on the times it opens and closes I noticed a 7 dollar charge. I figured it was just for the maze but called anyhow. Nope, 7 dollars per adult no matter. Weird. I told the guy..."you know I just want pictures of my 8 month old in the pumpkins. We won't do the maze and such." But they charge the fee no matter... Totally understandable... But still.

Anyhow, I knew of another one so we went there. They only charge for the maze and other actives. We got there and the wagon full of pumpkins was their "patch". I was bummed. I mean I had made Amelia the cutest outfit for pumpkin patch pictures!!

sitting in the pumpkins.... 

Really, I am still bummed about it. However, we ended up with some pumpkins for the front of our house.
We got home and Amelia napped, then we had a little photo shoot outside with our pumpkin....
Our tiny pumpkin is still mighty cute even if I didn't get my picture I REALLY want ( at least not yet).


  1. These are still cute though!! We have some around here.........

  2. Oh my that outfit is to die for! She is so stinkin' cute:). Looks like you got
    Some cute pictures. I can't wait to take Kendall to the pumpkin patch!!