Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trip part 1

We went back to our home town last week. We had such a great time! The only thing I was worried about was the drive. When we went in April we flew, it was Amelia's first flight. Anyhow, Amelia did WONDERFUL! We left around 4:30pm and drove the 9 hours to my sister's. It was so nice to be able to visit Jen and Blake for bit. We got to spend two nights with them. When we got there is was about 3 am, Amelia was wide awake when we got there! HA We stayed up for about an hour and got lil A back to sleep.

 The next day we all tried to sleep in but that didn't happen. Jen made a really yummy breakfast casserole for bunch. I colored and cut her hair and then we headed to a park. It was Amelia's first time at a park. I was super excited! She loved it once she woke up from her nap!
Jen and Blake

The park was BEAUTIFUL! Ya'll there is nothing like Autumn in the north. The trees where breathe taking and the weather was perfect! It was in the high 70's the whole week! I packed to warm of clothes, really.

We took the opportunity to play with our camera. I have to admit I haven't played with our camera at all. I usually just put it on auto and push the button! ;) But now that I know that it does nifty things I may do more fun settings with it!

We of course had to get Amelia in the swings and take her down a slide! I think I had more fun than what she did! I hadn't swung in FOREVER! I told Deric we may need to have park  family dates soon!!!  

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