Friday, October 21, 2011

9 Months

I have no idea how Amelia is already 9 months old!! I mean I have had to start thinking about her first birthday. It makes me sad a little bit. She is growing WAY to fast. I guess I never really thought about how fast she would grow. Amelia is still tiny girl but she is doing so much.

(Amelia was nine months monday but we didn't have her well baby check till yesterday. So I was late on posting it!)
 9 month Stats
- wears 6-9 month clothes. You really need 6 month pants and 9 month tops. Your waist is so tiny! You crawl out of everything!!
-size 2 diaper... Medium setting on cloths
- shoe size is not even size 1 sometimes.. I think you will have tiny feet like you momma!
- weight: 16.8 lbs... Height: 26.5 inches
-sleep about 9 - 10 hours at night waking up at least once but. Go right back to sleep
- still a paci girl, although we haven't been giving it to you as much. You leave them all over the house, drop them in mid crawl! 

- eating like a champ! You haven't refused anything! You have had all the basic foods for baby, but love fish, hummus, black beans and pastas!!
- you want to feed yourself all the time now.. :( you make a huge mess
- love playing on your own
-crawling all over the place and walking with support. It won't be long before you are walking on your own.!! Eeekk
- have two bottom teeth still. You chew on everything and "bite" me when you give sugars.
- you can say "dada" and "mama" and know what they mean! Music to my ears!!!
- you chatter ALL THE TIME! Even sing when you hear music, and start dancing!!
- really started to giggle now #meltsmommasheart
- wave hi and bye bye
-clap your hands
- you are getting so hard to take your picture, you are to busy to stop! 

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