Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling like Fall

I can't believe that here in NWA it was 95 degrees on Tuesday and yesterday and toady in the 60's! It is WONDERFUL! I can not wait for Fall to be in full swing! I love the cooler weather! I am itching to get out my boots, jeans, scarfs and sweaters! I kinda need some new fall/winter stuff. Last year I was buying all maternity items so my closet lacking! Well, if you ask my husband he would say that was a lie. But in my defense I haven't bought much fall/winter stuff in almost 2 years.  I do have some gift cards burning a hole through my wallet that I plan on using tonight!

Now, I find myself buying EVERYTHING for Amelia. It is hard not to. I have also been making Amelia most of her clothes! :) We have many trips to Hobby Lobby these days. I have to many ideas a few ideas for her Fall fashion, so I need to get going on that. I also know what she is going to be for her first Halloween!!

yes, I made this adorable outfit

In random news... I have poison ivy. I noticed "bug bites" Saturday night and thought I got them from our Sunday School's fish fry. We were outdoors all evening Saturday. Well, they kept getting bigger and more itchy. Yesterday, while I was at work I kept asking everyone what it was! LOL I finally got some doctors and nurses on the phone. I have wonderful clients who know people! :) My last client of the day her FIL is a doctor and took a peek at the Iphone pic we sent him. He knew right away it was poison ivy and called in meds for me!  I am so thankful I don't have to drag Amelia to the doctors today. I just pray she doesn't get it. I figure she would have gotten it by now if she was to get it.... right? So, now I am on a two week cycle of steroids.The side of my neck looks the worse.... hinch why I want scarf season to stay.

More random news, I entered Amelia in the "Cutest Baby Contest" with KLG and Hoda on the Today Show. I am a Today Show junkie..... I HAVE to watch it everyday! I jumped at the chance to enter Amelia. I mean she really is so darn cute! I entered the "bath time" picture and these one from the other day!

I also installed Amelia's big girl carseat the other day. It is crazy that it is already that time. She does still fit in the infant seat but her legs were about to start hanging out of it. I knew it was time. The new seat fits 5- 100lbs. So it will last us for a long time! She loves it. She just looks out the windows  and stares at herself in the mirror. I am sure she will be so much happier when we can turn her outward! That day will be here sooner than I know. She will be 8 months old in 2 days.... tear.  Here is Amelia playing in the carseat box.... so stinkin cute!

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  1. omg that bathtime picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Can people get on and vote?