Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We spent the weekend at home and it was just perfect! We had great weather here in NWA and took advantage of it. Saturday I worked in the morning like always and Daddy had Baby A to take care of . She was in such a good mood all weekend!! After I got home we headed out for dinner and a Wal-Mart run.

Sunday we all slept in a bit... so nice! We went out to Qdoba for lunch. It was our first time to one. I enjoyed it but my husband on the other hand had some issues....He blogged about it here. We will be back I am sure. He will just know what to expect next time!

When we got home I tackled our guestroom and our closet. I moved the dresser that was once in the GR into our closet. I also got rid of a bunch of clothes and shoes (Deric is happy about that). I am planning on making space in the GR for my sewing table. I have already ordered the table I want and can't wait for it to come in!!

This is what happens when I leave baby girl alone with Dad during feeding time! She is so stinkin cute... makes me smile every time!

We also made a Home Depot run this weekend so I could get flowers.While we were there Deric and I decided to get a new grill. Well a grill.... we went all last summer without one. The one we had was WAY to big and didn't have space for it. So this was is so nice and small! We grilled out burgers as soon as Deric set it up... the burgers were so tasty! I see a lot of grilling in our future!

We got little A a swimming pool also this weekend. She loves it! I played in the pool with her for a long time after I planted the flowers on Monday. She is going to be a water baby.... I just know it!

Monday we just enjoyed sitting out in our backyard for a while. Amelia really seems to like to be outside. I am happy about that!! I see myself reading outside a lot this summer! I have been reading the book "Heaven is for Real" and let me tell you AMAZING! I could have read it in one day if I didn't have an adorable 4 month old who needs me 24/7!!


  1. We had a Qdoba back in Ohio and I loved it... no luck in SC though. Isn't it great!

    OMG! I just finished Heaven is for Real this weekend on the beach and boy are you right... it was AMAZING! I thought I could dry up my tears for good at the end and then I read about how they came up with the title. It was great!

  2. Long Post! I read Deric's take on Qdoba. It might have encouraged me to go to chipotle today b/c I had iat on the mind lol.
    So I was curious about where you found your crafting table. I'm looking for tables for my workshop which is beading and sewing.

    I love the pictures:)