Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Mother's Day

This time last year I NEVER thought I would be a mom. I had just lost a pregnancy after trying for what seemed forever to even get pregnant.  I was heartbroken and a bit depressed. I just knew I would never be a mom. But to much of my surprise I was going to be celebrating Mother's Day... in fact I was pregnant with Amelia last year on Mother's Day and didn't know it yet! So when this day came around I felt so blessed to be celebrating Mother's Day with my little family!
Deric and Little A took me out to dinner last night to celebrate. I choose to go to Copeland's. I have never been and wanted to try it. It was so GOOD! The cheesecake was to die for! We didn't take our camera so I didn't get any photos while we were out to eat but Deric did snap a photo before we left!

On our way home Deric took me to Westwood Gardens to get my Mother's Day Gift. I choose a Gardenia Tree. They are so beautiful and smell so wonderful! We planted it a new teal pot I picked out! This morning I waked out on the deck before church and I could instantly smell it!
this was taken with my iPhone

Today after church Deric made homemade pizza.... my favorite! We have just been hanging out at home and enjoying our day together. Sundays is really the only day we get the whole day together as a family. Kinda sad if you think about it. So I enjoy every Sunday!

She was loving when I would hold her up in the air and bring her down and kiss on her. So when Daddy tried it we thought she would love it too......

Not so much.... but she did give us one last sweet smile while Daddy was holding her!

 Amelia has been a bit grumpy today but I think she has some allergies. She is pretty stuffed up and sneezing ALL THE TIME! Even with her not feeling 100% she still manges to get us that melt your heart smile! She even got really close to a full blown giggle today! And of course she sported her "I Love Mommy" wear all day!

I not only think of all the mothers out there celebrating with their families today, but all those women who long to have a child of their own or who has given a child to the Lord. I know how it feels to feel so empty on Mothers Day and I know many other women are feeling the same way. My prayer for those who are waiting or missing their child today may you find peace today. Just know that the great Lord our God has big plans for you and your families and you can NEVER loose faith!


  1. I love the pictures. They are so so beautiful. Thank you for the encouragement...I needed it today:)

  2. Her little outfit is SOO cute! Remember when Aunt Linda and Uncle Merle brought us Gardenia perfume from Hawaii? It smelled fantastic! Now your back porch will smell just like that!! I love that our little model is smiling so much now. Love you guys! xoxoxo

  3. I'm glad you had a great first mother's day. Those pictures of Amelia and Daddy are too funny... I laughed out loud. Love her smile at the end though. :)