Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Month

 Happy ONE MONTH birthday, Amelia! I can hardly believe it has been one month since you came into our lives. We are beyond grateful for you and love you to the moon and back!

Your One month old stats

~ You weigh a little over 8 pound according to our scale
~You are a breast milk baby... you LOVE to eat
~You took to your paci right away at the hospital and get MAD when you loose it
~You do take a bottle of breast milk at least once a day (mommy wanted you to learn to use a bottle)
~You wear newborn clothes but your arms and legs are a big long for them
~You are in newborn diapers but have sported your cloth diapers a few times while we are home
~You have just exploded one diaper so far (while on my lap) but you are a spit up girl. You alway spit up on daddy when he burps you! haha
~You take naps in your crib but at night you are in your pack-n-play in our room.
~You are a GREAT sleeper. You nap 3 times a day for about 2 hours. At night you fall asleep between 9- 9:30 and wake up between 2 am-3am. Then back to sleep till about 7am. Last night you slept from 9:30 to 4am!!! I think you will be sleeping through the night soon! 
~You HATED your  baths at first but in the last week you decided they weren't that bad. You now get mad when I take you out!
~ You rolled over from your belly to your back a few times
~You can smile and coo but haven't really smiled at anyone yet... although I think you smiled at me but I think that is wishful thinking! :)
~You have met your Grandpa Tim, Gigi and Aunt Jen when you were born and they LOVE you to pieces. Also your Grandma Linda came when you were 2 weeks old and she adores and loves you bunches too.
~ You have witnessed your first "blizzard" when you were 2-3 weeks old
~Have made trips to all our favorite stores and been to Mommy's Salon twice. We are going to Daddy's work tomorrow.
~You are by far the BEST thing that has happened to your Daddy and I. We can not kiss on you enough! I am sure you have already had a BILLION kisses from us. 

I have my friend Cari to thank for the block idea! I thought it was so cute and had to do it for Amelia's monthly pictures! So yes.. Amelia will have her sticker/ tutu pictures and her block pictures every month!

 I know I am her mommy.. but geezzz.... could she be any CUTER!! I think she is the sweetest thing on earth!


  1. I love the faces she's making on the bottom pictures. So adorable!!
    Are the month markers stickers? I guess I thought that they were actual shirts b/c I've seen them in other pictures. I love the idea to show how she grows.

  2. Yes, they are stickers... I got them off of Esty. She does make the best faces! So funny!

  3. Love the update!! She is a DOLL. You are more than welcome for the block idea but I must warn you that around the 4 to 5 month picture they start to realize those blocks are lots of fun to grab at. :) And I think I will steal the sticker idea for Baby #2!! Hope you guys are doing well.

    Let me know if you ever want to walk. I am off on Mondays, get home around 4:00 on Tuesday-Thursday and home around 11:00 on Fridays.

  4. Gosh, our girl has changed SO MUCH in just a month! I hope she never gets rid of the Elvis-lip look. :) Her pictures turned out so cute! Happy Month Birthday pretty baby girl!!! Uncle Blake and I can't wait to meet/visit you in a couple of weeks! I need more cuddle time! xoxoxo

  5. Ashley vang from neenah wisconsin is using your pictures on her facebook. Just so you are aware!