Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Heart is Full

I am sure like many first time parents are amazed on how much love they have towards their baby. I knew I would LOVE Amelia ... but holy smokes! I don't even have words to express my love for her. The first time I saw that little heartbeat when I was 7 weeks pregnant... It was love. It didn't matter if she was a boy or girl have some sort of disorder or birth defect....we made that tiny baby.. a true gift from God. That little heartbeat melted my heart. I was so amazed and proud of her. I couldn't wait to meet her. After months and months of disappointed of  trying to get pregnant and then the miscarriage.. I just hoped and prayed that our baby was healthy. But I knew we would get through anything God threw at us. Thankfully God gave us the most precious, healthy,and beautiful baby.
Having Amelia is the best thing that has  happened in my life. (Sorry Deric... our wedding is a close second. But you would agree with me!)  I couldn't even imagine my life getting any better. I have a WONDERFUL husband who I thank God for everyday. I have fallen even more in love with Deric if that is even possible. And now we have this amazing little girl to show the world our love. Like my husband said in this post.
 "Little Amelia is going to be totally ameliorating the crap out of my life."

Deric couldn't have been more right. We fell madly in love with this girl the moment we laid eyes on her! I can't believe she has been here for almost a month... time is going by so fast. I just wish I could make time stand still. Although I can't wait to see what type of girl she will turn into. I pray mostly that she has a heart for Christ. Will she be as loving and caring as I think she will? Who will she turn out to be most like me or Deric? I hope she has a sense of humor just like her daddy. Will she knows how much we love her... it will be my daily task to show and tell her.

~Amelia wanted to show her love today by sporting her "I love my Grandpa" shirt! She looked so cute in it  that was until she pooped all up the back of it! LOL  I have a few "valentine's" outfits for her... I have had her in one every day this week. It is her first Holiday so we had to be prepared!

haha that face is priceless!
We are still snowed in but I am ok with that. At least Deric got to spend yesterday and this morning home. Once we shovel out the rest of the 24 inches of snow in driveway we could get out an enjoy the 60 degree weather that is coming next week! Crazy Weather!


  1. Love the new pictures! I printed pics off the CD yesterday and put them into a brag album. I will have to add these.

  2. What a beautiful little princess! Congratulations! Treasure every moment. You are so blessed.