Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hand Made

I have always wanted to be one of those moms who made their child  special outfits and Halloween costumes. Although I have never really taken lesson on how to sew I am fairly good at it. I can handle simple tasks and can follow a pattern. When we found out we where having a girl I was not only excited that I was going to be able to dress her up all the time but that I could maybe make her some outfits! I made her coming home from the hospital dress and now two other outfits.
Thursday Amelia wore her zebra dress (hospital dress) again. It is crazy that now it fits more like a shirt but equally adorable!

Yes the bow is huge... but I love it!

Here is the dress I just made her tonight. She is going to wear it tomorrow... hopefully it isn't too big on her.

This week has been a bit busy for us. We had some friends come over Thursday at lunch time to meet Amelia. Jeremy, Kelly and their daughter, June. Baby June is 5 months old and cute as can be. I didn't take any photos while they were here... dang! Friday at lunch Amelia and I met up with my friend Bea for a lunch date. It is nice to get out and about. Amelia is so good when we are out. She is always sleeping! As soon as she gets in the car she falls asleep.
Back to Thursday. I had to run to Wal-Mart for just a few items. When I got to the checkout I was at the front of the cart and Amelia was of course snapped to the seat part. I was loading up the stuff on the counter when the checkout girl right next to us went over to Amelia. At first I thought she was just looking at her. I kept one eye on her while still loading my stuff up. I looked over and she had removed Amelia's blanket off   her and touching her feet.I tried to stay calm and not say anything. The girl was asking questions about Amelia when I walked back to be next to little A by then the girl was touching Amelia's hands and face! I was shocked! Then I got really angry when the girl touched Amelia's paci when it fell out. YES.... She not only touch the paci but the nipple side of it. I yelled at her
 "DON"T TOUCH MY BABY!!! It is RUDE to touch a baby who you don't know. Who know what kind of NASTY germs you have all over your hands. She is only 5 1/2 weeks old.... it is NOT OK to touch a newborn you don't know! "
The girl just went on like it didn't even bother her I yelled and continued to ask questions. I am pretty sure she wasn't all the way there in the head. The sweet lady who rang me couldn't believe what her co-worker had just done. She said that girl is always touching babies and kids..... maybe our little "chat" will make her think twice. I swear if I go back to Wal-Mart and asked to leave the store I won't be surprised! I was so mad. I wanted to get the heck out of there as fast as I could. 
I mean don't get me wrong... I love when people stop at look at Amelia and tell me how cute she is. But don't touch my baby or I will throw a fit! I have no idea where your hands have been and lets face it those carts everyone touches are just down right nasty! I think from now on I will have her in the Moby Wrap. Or maybe I will make a stop sign for her car seat! :)

I was looking though our SD card and I noticed I haven't taken but a few pictures of Amelia this week. I will take some tomorrow and post them..... don't worry  Auntie Jen!


  1. That is why I LOVED my moby when she was first born. No one wants to touch a baby that is THAT CLOSE to your boobs. Especially when you tuck her head in the side. It was a life saver when she was a bit older too because she always wanted to reach out and touch things or be held. I just tied it on at home and then slipped on my jacket and put her in when I got to the store.

    I've been known to carry Avery on my back in the grocery store. At 2. Yep, I'm THAT crazy lady. But, it's so nice that she can't climb out of the cart, or tear things off the shelves, or throw things out of the cart. My shopping is 10 times faster when she's in the wrap. Granted, now we have a woven. Ms. 34 lbs is far too heavy for the moby now days.

    Amelia is adorable. But, I'm afraid to touch her. (Kidding!) :)

  2. Super cute outfits! :) She's adorable!

  3. Jen--you and I are going to have a long moby wrap discussion one of these days!
    amanda--I could claim that I wouldn't get crazy if people touch my baby, but oh yeah, I will. Did random people touch your belly when you were pregnant too? That really bugs my friend. I'd be worried about taking my baby out until they are fully vaccinated. Too many crazy people and germs!