Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We woke up to this beautiful scenery... we have about 14 to 16 inches so far. The weather man says we will get more. Police do not want anyone out on the roads because tow trucks will not be able to come rescue you! The police are having to use other vehicles beside their cars because the cars are not safe for the roads. Arkansas does not have the proper equipment anyhow to deal with a few inches of snow and we will have a few feet when it is all said and done.  Guess I should have bought those snow boots for Deric when I was at Wal-Mart the other day!

I am pretty sure we have about a 3 foot drift in the back yard. I have never seen so much snow at once! If I was a small child I would be outside all day no matter how cold it was. I LOVED the snow as a child. My mom would have to yell at me to come inside. I could so make an awesome snow fort today! Shoot, I am sure I would be out there now but I don't have snow pants. I do have a pair of hot pink snow boots. So we will be spending our day inside just admiring the snow from the windows.

We took this picture last night... I noticed that I have hardly any pictures of Little A and I!


  1. Wow! That is a ton of snow! It looks like you will be inside for a couple of days. You and Amelia look so cute together! Much love, xoxoxo

  2. All this snow is crazy, isn't it? Ana Kate would get lost if she went out in it. : )

    I thought about the fact that we didn't get any pictures of you with Amelia in the newborn session. When the snow clears up you'll have to come over and let me take a few.

  3. woah....that is a looooooot of snow. I'm glad Deric got your furnace fixed! Stay safe, and warm, and inside!

  4. Amanda ~ Amelia is a doll! This snow is wild, isn't it?