Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy and Amelia Time

This weekend we (Amelia and I ) got out of the house.... finally!! After being stuck in the house it was nice to get out and see something beside out the front door! Friday night we headed to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. I did find some awesome buys on 3 cute summer outfits for the baby girl. They were under $6.00 a piece! I couldn't believe it! Yesterday, we headed out to Target. The last time I was at Target I was a week away from giving birth to Amelia! This must  be a record... I am there at least every other week I bet! Needless to day I was ready to browse the store! We had a few things to get but I really just wanted to walk around the store. It was crazy busy in there so we didn't spend that much time there.
Of course Little A and I are getting plenty of snuggle time still. These next pictures are some of my favorites.Notice Birdie curled up next to us.... this NEVER happens. Divot is the pup that is always next to Amelia.

This morning was pretty quite.We picked up the house a bit. I gave Amelia a bath and got her dressed for the day. Amelia usually SCREAMS when she is in the bath but today was nothing but happiness. I don't know was different but she liked her bath today! Amelia was so alert today and I decided I was going to read her some books. It was the first time I read to her... it was so neat to see her look at the books. I held them close to her little face so she could maybe see the pictures!

Amelia really enjoyed the lullaby book. I sang lullabies all the time while I was pregnant. So I think she liked it! She seems really happy when she is sang to. Good thing she loves the sound of my voice.... only my child would think I have a good singing voice! LOL I am sure one day she will really tell me what she thinks!

 Tomorrow is not only Valentines Day but Little A will be a month old (tear). Time is going by to fast.  I will be posting her first month stats so be sure to check back.

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  1. I ADORE these pictures!! They are so precious. warning about all of that cheap kids clothing--it's additive!! I love going out and buying outfits for my friend's kids.