Monday, February 21, 2011

Amelia and I ran around town a little bit today. It got really chilly here over night so I bundled Amelia up in her fleece outfit.
Speaking of outfits... Amelia is in newborn cloths still but it seems like baby cloths are just like adults. They all vary in size... Some outfits are too small already and some way to big still.

Okay back to our day. Our first stop was to the salon. I had ordered some girl scout cookies and needed to pick them up. I had ordered 5 boxes... Don't judge I was pregnant when I ordered them. Now I don't want any cookies in the house let alone 5 stinkin boxes! I have already opened a box....
We stayed at the shop for awhile and visited. A few of my clients where there and got to meet/hold Amelia.
After the salon we headed to WM. We need just a few things to pick up.

After we got home I fed Amelia. While eating she well... Blew her diaper out! It was a mess..all up her back and my arms! I cleaned her up and fed her some more. As I went to burp her,she threw up down the front of both of us....nice! Needless to say she had to get a bath tonight. Bath times have been SO much better lately. And tonight she was loving her bath!

Hopefully she will sleep good tonight. She has been doing pretty good still, we have had only a few restless nights. Like I said before Amelia is truly a good baby.

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  1. I was just going to comment that you needed to get the Blogpress app but you have already done that! :) I love that app! When the weather warms up again let's try to go for a walk!

  2. your comment about the girl scout cookies is so funny lol. Can you send them to work with the husband? That is pretty much my go-to method for getting rid of sweets. The guys at my husband's old office LOVED me b/c I baked for them every week.
    Sorry about the explosions, but at least she loves bathtime now! Such a cutie!