Monday, January 31, 2011

Snuggle Day

When Deric woke up this morning he noticed our furnace was not working. Great....  NWA is suppose to get a winter storm starting tonight. He tried to clean a sensor on it. This happened about this time last year and it was a simple fix of cleaning. Well, it didn't start working after that. So he came home for a really early lunch to check it again and to call a service man to come out. The guy finally showed up about 2:30 this afternoon. He came and fixed the heater... which a sensor just needed to be cleaned. Deric must not have cleaned it off enough. I hated that we had to pay 75 bucks for someone to come clean it when Deric knew what was wrong with it the whole time. But I guess it was better we had someone come to look at it to make sure nothing was wrong with it.
 We had a space heater so Amelia and I snuggled in our jammys and blankets for pretty much all day!

 Divot and Amelia had some "play" time today also.... He just loves  her soft blankets!

Her little face... cracks me up!

We even took a short nap together on the couch 

When Daddy got home he put Amelia on her belly for tummy time. She is already so strong. She will hold her head up already.. has been doing it since last week! She is big stuff for a 2 week old!  Deric also went out to Wal-Mart to get stocked up for the winter storm. He was so nice of him to go after he worked all day. I told him I would go and he could stay with little A. But I really didn't want to go and I think he knew that!

Tomorrow if the weather isn't  too bad Amelia has her two week check-up.I hope we can make it and the office is open. I know Amelia is good and well but I just want to make sure. Just like I would poke all the time at my belly to stir her up... just to make sure. I still can't believe our princess is 2 weeks old already. I feel like time is just flying by.


  1. awww she is so beautiful. I loved watching you grow, and now seeing her just makes me smile every day. I can't believe you guys are going from 70 degree weather to snow so quickly. At least up here, it is pretty much ALWAYS cold.
    Does Amelia like tummy time? It seems like all my friend's kids SCREAMED, but she looks so happy!

  2. are breast feeding and cloth diapering going for you?! I've been wondering....

  3. Eileen~ she seems to like tummy time for a while... I try to get her on her belly several times a day. I breast feeding is going good. She is a good eater. We have not used the cloth diapers yet... she is to small for them now. She will be in newborn diapers for about a month longer I bet. I put a cloth diaper on her the other day and it came up to her armpits!! I am not trusting her poo to stay inside the diaper just yet. She needs to be about 12 lbs before she will be able to wear them I think.