Thursday, January 27, 2011

I know my blog has turned into a full blown out mommy blog but I am ok with that. This is how our families will be able to keep up with our growing girl.
 I know she is only 10 days old but she already looks so different. Deric mentioned the other day that she doesn't look like a newborn anymore. I disagree.Yes, she looks a bit different but she is still tiny. Amelia has the best face expressions. I can just sit and stare at her. She cracks me up. If I start kissing on her face a bunch she puts her hand up like she is telling me to stop. It is kinda sad but funny. Sometimes she will be looking right at me and give me the best smiles. She has a little dimple in her left cheek. I can't tell if she has one on the other side too... usually she sports an "Elvis" lip! Here is an example of Amelia holding her hand up. I kept kissing her this morning. 

 She looks so cute in her kitty outfit her Aunt Jen got her! This outfit Jen bought the day we found out we were having a girl.
 Amelia's eyes are such a dark blue right now. I am praying they stay a shade of blue. They are almost a sapphire blue now.So pretty... bright and sparkle. This little outfit below I just love! She wore it when I went to the doctors. She just looked so comfy in it.

 Yesterday, I got out Amelia's play mat. I know she is still a little young for it but she was so alert I had to see what she did. She laid under it for a good 10 minutes and watched the lights and listen to the music. She really seemed to enjoyed it. I am sure she will be spending some fun times under it in the future!

Be prepared to see somewhat of a post everyday or every other day because her Aunt Jen can't go one day without a picture! So here you go Jen.... more pics for you!

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  1. Thanks sis!! I have to see my favorite girl everyday! We might need to googlechat this weekend. She does look different now. It is crazy to think she is almost 2 weeks old. I especially love her kitty outfit picture!xoxoxo