Saturday, January 8, 2011


 I should have been on these projects about a month ago instead of 2 weeks before my due date. But hey.... I will get them done. Deric and I decided awhile ago we wanted to make Amelia a chalkboard for her room. I think it will be fun to write on it until she is big enough to play with it. Deric went last night to get all the supplies for it. He found some primer that is magnetic  so not only will she be able to draw with chalk on it those fun number and letter magnets will stick to it! Our fridge is stainless so no magnetic fun there. Anyhow, tonight I started the project and it should be done by tomorrow. Deric will have to frame it out with the extra molding we have and hang it up. Done... easy as pie.
 The second project I want to do might be a big one. I thought of it last night while laying in bed in the middle of the night. Most of my awesome ideas come then or in the shower! I want to take my "Hope Chest" and turn it into a toy box. You see I haven't got an ideal spot for it in our house . It has been in both guest rooms and now lives in the closet.. I moved it out when we started on her nursery because it didn't match. Well, I have make it match. I mean what is the point of leaving it in a closed closet when it will be perfect for her room. Deric's family gave it to me for my H.S. graduation so it has good sentimental meaning as well. I had to think about it all day because I didn't know if I wanted to paint it, but it will match so much better if it was. Also it got  beat up a bit during the move down to AR so it will look better with a coat of paint. I want to paint it white then get wood letters and paint those pink. I think I will get some to spell out TOYS and nail them to the front. I think it will be perfect extra storage for toys and such. Her room is kinda small so the extra storage is needed. And we all know it will drive Deric crazy with all her toys out! :) I have all the paint already so I think I will start to sand it down and get a primer on it this weekend. I will be able to finish it before she comes... surely!
Here is what  the chest looks like. This was when it was out in the guest room.

Tomorrow (fingers crossed) Amelia's bedding will be installed. Michelle was suppose to dress the room Thursday but she wasn't finished yet. I can't complain but I am getting so anxious.  I just want it done. We have the almost finished valence and that is it! I know Michelle will get it done and it will be beautiful I just HATE waiting. Now that I am in full nesting mode I can't stop thinking and doing all things for Amelia. Also I have a good friend, Bridgette, who painted a canvas for Amelia's room and she is bringing it tomorrow also. So maybe just maybe after tomorrow I can really be ready for Amelia to come home. Because I know as well I as I know my own name. My chest and chalkboard projects WILL be done by this week!
Check back in tomorrow to see her room.... hopefully! :)

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