Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Our Own

Yesterday was such a BEAUTIFUL day in NWA. It was a high of 72. So we took advantage. Deric and I took Amelia on her first walk in the neighborhood. The dogs of course came along. Divot and Birdie are still loving their baby sis and pretty sure they know Amelia is here to stay. I could kick myself... we didn't get a picture of us on Little A's first walk but I am sure we will have plenty of photo ops in the future. After our walk we decided to go out for a late lunch. We went to one of our favorite spots... Market Place. And again... no picture. What kind of mom am I?? I guess I need to just put my small camera in the diaper bag. I told myself a million times to put in in there but haven't yet.

This morning we said our goodbyes to Deric's mom. She has been here all week to help out and snuggle with Amelia. It was nice to have her here. We will miss both our families but hopefully we will be making a trip north soon. I know the grandmas and aunties will want us to come asap! Also my sister-in-law and her family will get to meet Little A then. I am sure Amelia's cousins Nikohl and Nate will be so happy to see her. We have been emailing them video's of Amelia. The kids seem to really enjoy them, and it makes the distance apart not seem as bad.

Amelia was putting on a show for Grandma Linda. She was being so funny. Amelia makes the funniest noises and faces dramatic. We all three were cracking up at her. Here are a few pictures Deric captured while we were trying to get a good picture of Amelia with Grandma Linda.

Although we will miss having family here with us, Deric and I are ready to get into a normal schedule. I am ready to spend my days with her. I am going to try to get as much Amelia and mommy time as I can. I am already not wanting to go back to work and I still have 7 weeks at home!

We are spending our Sunday relaxing as a family of 3 and it couldn't be any better. I am so in love with our little princess and couldn't be more in love with her wonderful Daddy. Deric is amazing with Amelia and has taken to fatherhood like a pro! I am so blessed and thank God everyday for our little family.

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