Sunday, January 9, 2011

no bedding today....

Tonight I am a bit disappointed. I have been waiting and waiting for Amelia's bedding to be finished. I was hoping it was going to be done and installed by today. Well, that didn't happen. Michelle has the bumpers, drapes, and skirt done, but she has a bunch of other pieces not done. She called me today and told me she would bring the finished stuff tonight or could bring it all tomorrow morning. I just told her to bring it all in the morning. But not I am wishing I would have told her to bring me what was done... because now it is snowing. Everyone from here FREAKS out when there is a bit of snow so I am not holding my breathe. I am sure schools will close tomorrow and she won't want to get out on the roads. I just have to remember that the bedding will be worth the wait! Michelle is so talented and I am glad she isn't rushing it. I know it is a big job.... I am human and want it now! :)

Well in happier news... I got Amelia's painting tonight! It is just perfect! I can't wait to see it with the bedding. Her room is going to be so pretty. I can't wait to see it all together! My good friend, Bridgette, did the painting. She is my belly dance teacher and we became fast friends. She is so talented... I am impressed.
  I love that Bridgette included the Bible Verse that we used at Amelia's baby shower.

I didn't take my weekly picture today so I will post that this week. I am praying that her bedding comes tomorrow and I will take tons of pictures so beware! Also we head back to the doctors on Tuesday. We have an ultrasound to see how big Amelia is. If she is too big and my pelvic bone hasn't move we will be scheduling a c-section the week of the 17th I am sure. Crazy to think this is my last week of being pregnant with Amelia.  I am so looking forward to the ultrasound... I wonder how big and what she looks like! I am even more excited to find out when our princess will arrive!!

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  1. It's beautiful...I love the verse too! Can't wait to see the completed nursery and to meet little miss Amelia! It won't be long!