Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arkansas Shower

Most have you were either at the baby shower or have already seen pictures of it. But since I am going to print out my blog I wanted to make sure I posted about the shower.

I had a group of wonderful friends who hosted the shower. Marcia, Tara, Val, Candace, Bea, Robin, and Brandi all came together to throw me a wonderful and beautiful baby shower! The shower was held at Embassy Suites Hotel here in Rogers. It was so nice to have it in a banquet hall. This way none of the girls had to worry about their house being invaded! Tara, my coworker, has a lot of clients who work at Embassy. Tara talked to one of her clients and we scored the room for free!!!  The shower was held on Sunday December 12th at 2:00 pm.  The theme was Flowers and Hair Bows.We had good finger foods and yummy cupcakes.

We played some fun games. One game was we passed out prizes and then Bea read a story . It was about me going into labor. Every time she said "right" or "left" the prize was to be passed in that direction. At the end of the story whoever had the prize in hand won.  We had a jar of clothes pins and you were to guess how many were in the jar. Another "game" was when I was opening gifts I took the hair bow off the gift and the girls pinned them to the wall. It was really neat that everyone followed the theme and brought a hair bow. After I opened all the gifts I was to picked out a bow that best matched Amelia's outfit I brought to the shower. I had no idea what they needed the outfit for so it was a surprise to me too!

The girls had it decorated so cute in the room also. Here are a few other pictures from the day!

Party Favors.... Yummy flower cookies

Each vase had a hair bow around it! Matter of fact wherever you looked there was a bow!
Amelia is in no shortage of big hair bows.. thanks to Tara and all her work making them!

 Some other nice things at the shower was that we had a lady who came to take pictures. So no one had to worry about getting pictures. We could all just relax and have fun.  We had also had some of my maternity photos framed on the tables. One of the best things about the shower is that we didn't have to clean up! We just had to packed up our stuff!

 Thank you again to all you ladies who hosted and came to the shower. I felt so loved and Amelia is one spoiled little girl!  You all are so special to me and I am so happy to have you in my life! Now Amelia needs to get here so she can meet everyone who spoiled her rotten!

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