Friday, January 21, 2011

Loving our princess

We have been having a really nice time with our baby girl. She is such a sweet baby and so clam. She only really cries now when she is hungry. Even a wet, poopy diaper doesn't make her cry. I have really enjoyed having my parents and sister here. They have really been helping me out while I recover from the c-section. I am feeling better but still have pain. I am hoping by next week I will be feeling much better.
We have a fabulous night last night. We watched "Happiest Baby on the Block" and got some really good tips from it. We wrapped Amelia up in a tight swaddle and laid her on her side in the pack and play. She slept for 3 straight hours with only a little fussing. She only woke up twice on her own last night for a feeding and this morning I woke her up for her morning feed. I want to keep her on a 3 hour cycle. So far today she has been on schedule!! Last night, however, she is throw up pretty good. Got all her blankets and the infant sleeper puked on! But she managed it keep it off herself! Then mom was changing her diaper this morning and peed all over the place. Gigi didn't get a clean diaper on fast enough! So we have already had a FULL load of dirty clothes and blankets!

Here are a bunch of pictures that we have taken over the past couple of days.


  1. She is SO precious! Love all the pictures.

  2. She's a cutie pie for sure! Can't wait to see her live. Hopefully Wednesday will work out. I'll text you.