Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday we had to say our goodbyes to my parents and sister. I was sad to see them go back home. It was nice to have them here to help us welcome our baby girl home. I am hoping we can get back to Indiana in April. It will seem like forever. My mom and sister are going to miss Amelia so badly.

you can see Divot LOVES his baby sis!

GiGi and Grandpa... Amelia showing her love to them!

Yesterday we also had Amelia's newborn pictures done. My friend Candace, who did my maternity pictures also did Amelia's newborn pictures. She is so talented and I am so thankful to have a great friend to take her time to come over. Amelia did really well considering I changed her outfits a bunch and got her naked! Which is HATES to be cold. We ran a space heater on her the whole time which really helped. Here is a sneak peek of Amelia's photos. Candace you did a wonderful job! I can't wait to see all of the photos of our little princess!

We also gave Amelia her first sponge bath since we have been home. Of course she screamed and screamed until I wrapped her up in her towel. Her skin is so dry so I applied a bunch of lotion on her and she hated that. So in all Amelia had a "rough" day. She by far cried the most yesterday. I think she was sick of me messing with her!!

I have to share with ya'll Amelia sporting her first pair of bunny slippers! She looks so darn cute in them! Her feet get so cold so I am glad they fit her!  So stinkin CUTE!

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  1. AHHHH! We DO miss the sweet baby girl! I can't wait to see all of Candace's pictures. I LOVE this one! She is such a sweet friend. Thanks for posting pictures of the cupcake hoodie and the bunny slippers! She is just like her Mommy and looks super cute in everything she wears! :) Give Amelia hugs and kisses from her Auntie Jen and Uncle Blake! xoxox