Tuesday, July 20, 2010

13 weeks

I promised our families I would update with a picture each week of my pregnancy. Not much else has been going on in the Bidwell house. I am feeling MUCH better and have a bit more energy! In other baby news I have had 2 friends have their babies this past week. Tara my co-worker had her little girl, Zannlee, on Thursday. Then Deric's best friend, Justin, and his wife, Stephine, welcomed their little boy, Ethan, to the world on Saturday. Please to say both moms and babies are doing well and home!

pardon the lounge clothes... they are more comfy theses days!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Size of baby: 3 inches long, size of a large shrimp
Total Weight Gain/Loss: not yet... we'll see at my 15 wk apt
Maternity Clothes: not yet but getting close to needing bigger pants!
Gender: ?????
Movement: Yes, I am 80% sure I felt the baby move on Saturday. It was a little flutter really low.
Sleep: Good.. get up at least twice for the bathroom
Symptoms: Crazy dreams, hot flashes, still sick sometimes, started getting headaches. I have almost passed out 3 times now.. that isn't fun
What I miss: Nothing yet
Cravings: pickles, pasta anytime of the day I will eat it, loving crisp salad and cold drinks
Best Moment this week: When I felt the baby move for sure! Deric rubbed my belly one night. It was super sweet and brought a tear to my eyes!
What I am looking forward to: our next appointment Aug. 5th. I can't wait to hear baby's heartbeat again. I think I will ask Dr. S if I can record it! LOL

When did ya'll mommy's have to start wearing maternity clothes? Mine regular clothes fit ok.. but they are getting pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day. My belly gets bigger as the day goes on!


  1. I was wearing maternity clothes by the time I was as far as you are now. The style back then though was high wasted. But I carried my babies high in the womb from the beginning. Doctors always though I was a month farther along because of baby position during the first half of pregnancy.
    -Aunt Pat

  2. With a bellaband (from Target) I got away with wearing my regular pants probably until 16-20 weeks (depending on the pants). You are looking so cute!

  3. It took me a very long time to show with Whitney....probably not until after 22 weeks or so, but it was hard to button my pants after about 16 weeks. Maternity clothes will swallow you right now, so you should probably try out the belly bands and go with loose fitting dresses. I agree with Lena...you look so cute!

  4. Thanks girls... I do have 2 bellabands. They do seem to help so I will just stick with those for now. I have been using them for a couple of weeks now. I can't stand anything tight around my belly!

  5. You are looking great and have that pregnancy glow!!!! Thanks for the update!!!!!!! Miss you guys!!!!