Thursday, April 10, 2008

Amanda's 7 Things

So our friend Ashley tagged us so we had to write down 7 random or weird facts about ourselves. Deric will do his later... I had a hard time thinking of some. I guess when you do something the same all the time it doesn't seem so weird. I have been trying to think of 7 things since the start of the week. I should have asked Deric for help but I am sure he would have came up with a long list and would have gotten a little mad at him.LOL So here is goes....

1~ Movies..... Deric loves movies he has watched many. Me on the other hand can't stay awake long enough to finish a movie! Even if I try I can't do it. I don't know if it is because I am laying down on the couch with my blanket or what. I don't however fall asleep at the theater, just at home. We have netflix and Deric probably watching 75% of the movies by himself.
2~ I have to get ready in the same order everyday. It is a must. If I get thrown off it makes me late! I have to first feed and let the dogs out, shower, do hair, eat breakfast, dress for work,then makeup. And all of this while watching the Today Show. I hardly miss a show! If it doesn't happen in the same order it starts my day off poorly.
3~We do our own laundry. When we first got married I would get so mad at Deric because he would never let me do his. Here I was his new wife and wanted to take care of him and he wouldn't let me! He said I would make his clothes smell too girly!! I love downy! After about 3 months I just stopped worrying about taking care of is dirty cloths. Now we have to fight over the washer and dryer!
4~We only eat out on the weekends really... I on the other hand eat out more when I am at work. But if we do eat out I want Mexican. It doesn't matter where I just want it! I could eat it everyday. Pasta is a close second. Half the time after we get Mexican my stomach hurts so bad. But it never fails... I will keep going back to it!
5~ I have sleeping issues. I can not sleep facing Deric. I love to cuddle when it isn't my bed time. It seems like I can't breathe or something when we face each other. My back is always turned away from him when I am asleep. Also the room has to be cold. I love to get under the covers and be warm. There has to be noise. We both agree on this. We have a little fan that runs all night. And I am a cover hog. I love my covers... well the room is cold and I need to keep warm!
6~ I have a sweet tooth. I love my ice cream. I would eat it everyday. But I know I shouldn't! I don't even dish it out. I eat it from the carton. One of these days I am sure it will catch up to me.
7~ I LOVE TO TALK! I could talk to anyone... but I think that comes with my career! It doesn't matter I will start a conversation almost anywhere. In the line at Wal-mart or while I am pumping my gas! Also when I talk on the phone I have to be moving. I walk all through the house not doing anything... just walking. I sit down and I can't talk. At first I thought it is because I stand all day talking. Then I remembered where I got it from..... Thanks MOM!

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  1. woohoo! yea for the blog update and 7 things! i completely relate about the being cold and covers part amanda. and i say enjoy not doing deric's laundry. seriously....i think that's quite a blessing :)