Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

We had a relaxing day hanging at home, watching golf, going for shaved ice, and grilling out! I tried to keep Amelia from waking up Deric to early but alas she won. She insisted on taking Deric is card right away! I know he was happy to be greeted by her sweet face but I assume he would have liked to sleep in a bit too.


We relaxed in the morning and before Amelia's nap we went for shaved ice. We went a lot last year and it never disappointed. We let Amelia get her own this time because Dad's ate for free. Amelia preferred to eat out of ours the whole time. She enjoyed the treat and was asleep before we made it back home.

Deric fired up the grill for the steaks durning nap while I made sweet potatoes and pasta salad. Lunch was so good and I ate way to much. After Amelia woke up and ate some late lunch we headed to our friends house.

Our old neighbors little boy turned 2 last week and his party was over the weekend. We opted to wait to give him his gift because his momma requested no gifts. We didn't follow the rules completely but she knew we already got him a gift. Saw-dog got a bubble mower from Amelia. I am pretty sure he loves it. Amelia had to get one also. So they played in their backyard and "mowed" almost the whole yard. Amelia even blew the "grass" off the patio. Such a sweet helper!



I hope Deric enjoyed his low key day! It may be crazy next year with two little girls around. But for now we will just enjoy our first sweet girl!

Daddy and our girl last year on Father's Day. I can't believe how much she has grown! She looks huge now!

Deric, thank you for being such a great daddy! I wouldn't have expected any other than the best from you. Truly, you are the best husband and daddy! You are my better half. The calmer when I am "unglued" by the end of the day. I am so thankful I snagged you up almost 13 years ago! We love you!




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