Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aliza's Sprinkle

My sweet friend, Rebecca, threw me a sprinkle this past Sunday. It was so sweet of her to offer. Even though we are having another little princess we have quite a bit of stuff to buy still. I totally forgot about all that small stuff!  I sold my swing, bouncy, bathtub, and boppy pillow... So I had already replaced those. I had yet to buy any diapers really and bath stuff!! 

This is sweet Rebecca. She even busted out a diaper cake!! So impressed because if you knew her you would know she doesn't have small children nor does she want any. She is a dedicated momma to 5-6 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 step-daughters. 

Anyhow, the sprinkle was a blast! It was held at a restaurant. We had the party room reserved.  My sweet friends who happen to be mostly my neighbor girls were all there! We ate, chatted, and drank (for those who could) haha. It was so relaxed and almost just felt like a great girl lunch! We did get some sweet gifts! I am feeling a bit more prepared. 

* I always fee l bad when I don't take enough photos or leave someone out, both the case here! I can't believe I didn't get the whole group in the photo! I must remember to take one at the start of
Parties that way I know everyone is there!! 

I have yet to pack a bag.. I have a few days left. Since I am pretty sure I am not going to go into labor on my own I am not too worried. I do have some stuff laid out in her crib, though :) 
This next week I am working on getting her nursery done, cleaning up the guest room,  cleaning every squareinch 
Of my house and playing/ spending time with Amelia . 

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