Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

So I am a little late on posting up a Happy New Year blog! So HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! This year we brought in the new year at home with friends. We just got back to our house on the 30th so we just had a little get together. We had about 4 other couples that came over to celebrate. We ate lots of food and played some games. It was a fun time. You can see Divot was having a wonderful time at the party too... even got him to wear the party hat!:)

We had a wonderful trip home for Christmas. While we were there we renamed CoCo.... her new name is Birdie. We wanted to keep the golf theme going. She responded to her new name quickly. It was so good to see everyone again. I got to spend a lot of time with the girlfriends, and Deric and I visited with Justin. The best time was being able to spend so much time with the kids. They are getting so big it is crazy how they grow so much in just a few months. Nikhol and Nate were so happy to see us and the dogs. They have really missed Deric. My nephews are also getting bigger and their family is getting growing too. Kimmy ( my sister-in-law) is due any day with the 4th baby.... ITS A GIRL FINALLY! I was so happy she will be having the baby around the first or second week in February. Also when we were home my sister got engaged and she will be getting married this summer. They have set the date for July 26th. So we will be making a long trip home for that. The trip home was an easy ride in the car with the dogs. It took us about 12 hours to get home back to Arkansas. We had a wonderful time home but it is always nice to get back to our place.

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