Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Our Peeps"

So my friend Valarie wants to be really cool and be up on our blog. So I have created this whole blog just for her!

"How I met Valarie"
When I had started my new job at the salon I was pretty slow at first... didn't have to many clients. Well one day I was sitting around in the salon when these girls walked in. The one was wearing a hat... she had a good reason to. Her hair was a mess! She had colored it at home and it was really red. The girl in the hat is Valarie. So I told what I could do for her hair.... which I worked wonders on.... I think. Val had kept coming to me every time she needed her hair done. Well through time we had just gotten closer as friends. I mean I am a pretty cool person I can see why she wanted to hang out with me. :) We had such a good time when she was in my chair! Since then we have became such great friends. She just got married in September and just bought a house. We do a lot on the weekends together with our husbands.
After we got Birdie, Val and Spencer bought a house so they wanted a dog too. Valarie spent a lot of time talking Spencer into it, but he finally gave in and they got Mallie... who is super cute.(Check out her picture) Well Mallie and our dogs quickly became friends. A few weeks after Christmas Valarie heard there was a young lab looking for a great home. Spencer and Valarie had just moved and weren't all the way settled in their new home yet. Spencer was not ready for a new dog.. but Valarie got her way and they brought Gracie home. Now we have play dates with our kids! They all get along and are so happy to see each other. Grace is so good with all the small dogs, she just lets them crawl and bite her. Although when it comes to her bones... she doesn't like to share. When she growls it sounds like she is a cow! It is so funny. She is six times the size of the other three!
Every time we get together as couples we like the dogs to hang out too so they don't get bored at home. Here are some pictures of the last time we got together. These were taken at Valarie and Spencer's house a few weeks ago, Enjoy!
Oh by the way Val! LOVE YA MY BFF ARKANSAS

This is sweet Mallie May

Us trying to get a good picture!

And sweet Grace!


  1. Dearest Amanda,

    Well thanks for putting me up on your blog, even if you are super sassy. By the way you forgot to mention that Spence and I are pretty much the best things that ever happend to you in AR.

    Side Note* Pleasa take the last picture down, its pathetic :)

    Love ya!

  2. It's so nice to see the pictures of Val & Spencer...I hear soo much about them. Their dogs are adorable along with divot and birdie! You all look like you have a lot of fun together. Bye. Mom Bidwell