Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Is Here!

It started warming up around here weeks ago, but we always have a few days where it gets really cold again. Well, I think all that crazyness is finally over and it is going to stay warm. We have had three weekends in a row of great weather. Last year it warmed up a lot in March, and it was our first spring in the house so we were all excited to get our landscaping done. We planted lots of flowers and bushes, only to have a few cold nights in April wipe everything out. This year we were a little bit smarter and waited until later in the spring to do our landscaping.
Two weeks ago we bought a bunch of bushes and a red Japanese maple for our front flower bed. After digging about 10 holes we had everything planted or transplanted where we wanted it. The picture above is the final result, but we still haven't planted many flowers. In the next couple weeks we will put in a lot more flowers to add some color.You can also see our tree has some leaves on it. It is really starting to look nice. Last year it was okay, but looked kinda funny. This year it looks much nicer.

This next picture is our Crape Myrtle. We bought it last spring and it just sat in our flower bed all year looking like a dead stick. Well this year it was looking quite dead again. After everything else had started blooming and turning green the crape mytle was brown and lifeless. Then, all of the sudden just a few days ago green leaves just started bursting out of the sticks. It looks like it is actually going to do something this year... Exciting!!

This weekend Amanda flew back to Indiana to go to her sister's graduations, so I was living the bachelor life this weekend. I still had the dogs, so I was like a bachelor with two small shi tzu's. It was just me and the dogs this weekend and we had all kinds of fun. Divot usually acts like he hates me most of the time, but I really think we bonded this weekend. He didn't have Amanda to follow around all the time so he actually had to acknowledge me. No blog entry would be complete without a couple pictures of the dogs. Here is Divot having a good time playing with his basketball in the back yard today. Birdie hates getting her picture taken, but I found out that if I stand far enough away and use my zoom lens I can actually get a decent picture of her. She loves being outside on the deck. Most of the time she just stands on the deck and watches Divot run around, and barks at him when he passes.

Well, I will close this blog entry by putting up a couple pictures of out new entertainment center. We got our new TV last fall and our old Wal-Mart furniture wouldn't cut it anymore. We were going to buy one, but most of them are too long and we want to put it in a corner. My boss agreed to build me one, so I drew up some plans and he built it for us. It is really nice because he used solid oak and you usually have to spend a lot of money to get furniture made out of real wood. He finished it a couple weeks ago, so I had the
task of sanding and staining it. It took me about 7 coats of stain to get it that dark, but we thought it turned out pretty well. It definitely makes our living room look a lot better. It is really nice to know somebody who is good and making stuff. He did a great job. Well that is all I have for today.

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