Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Happened in Las Vegas

So we have been back from Vegas for a while and I haven't even wrote anything about our trip. First off we had a WONDERFUL time. We left out of AR on Monday August 4th to go to Vegas..... we had a layover in Dallas that wasn't too long. We were heading back to our gate in a hurry Dallas after getting some food to eat and I don't know what happened..... My feet went out from underneath me and I fell right on my butt in the middle of the airport!!! It hurt so bad but all I could do was laugh. I was so embarrassed. So the trip was not starting off the greatest.
When we got to Vegas airport things starting looking up. Even though my bum was numb. We got our bags off the carousel and headed toward the shuttle when Deric spotted Iliza Shlesinger, from Last Comic Standing. Well Deric got her attention and we got our picture taken with her. Did I mention that Deric is practically in love with Iliza so he was on top of the world!

After we told Iliza good bye we headed to Tahiti Village, where the Bidwell's own their timeshare. We met up with Linda,Jerry, the Terry's and the kids. The very next morning we all headed out on a bus tour to the Grand Canyon with a small stop at Hoover Dam.

The rest of the week we just either hung out at the condo or went down to the "strip". We did see a really cool magic show that all of us went too. We gambled a little but didn't win anything.... we almost broke even. One day Kim,Brent, Deric and I went out in the morning to gamble and take a gondola ride. We had a great time doing that.

We also went down to Fremont Street for one evening. Here are some random pictures of our wonderful trip to Vegas!!!

Jerry and Linda with the Terry kids, Nick, Nikohl, and Nate

So Brent had to eat at Fat Burger when he saw that there was one on the strip! He couldn't resit himself, he had to get the King Fat Burger.... by the way that is a pound and a half of meat!!!

And YES he ate it all!

We can't wait until our next trip there!! Thank You so much Linda and Jerry!!!

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  1. it looks like you had a great trip to vegas! :)