Sunday, August 17, 2008

Congrats to Jen and Blake

So it has been forever since I had blogged anything. So I thought I would start out with telling you about my big sister's wedding.
Jen's wedding was at 6:30 July 26th.The week of the wedding went pretty smooth. We didn't have to do much because the reception hall did the set up and clean up. So all we had do is get the little details together and get the church decorated. Jen and I had to go to Quincy, MI on Monday to go for my first dress fitting and Jen's last fitting. My dress was a little to big and we wanted to change skirt a little so we had to go back on Friday to pick up all the dresses. I didn't go with my mom to pick it up so we just hoped and prayed that it was going to fit. It did and I could breathe freely in it! Thursday we all went to get our nails and pedicures done. Jen's other bridesmaid Mellisa got to Mom's house on Thursday and our cousins from Chicago came in Wednesday. So needless to say the party had started.
Picture of us at the nail salon... we took the place over. Jen's new brother-in-law's wife...Katelyn joined us for her first pedi ever!!

This is Syliva and Stef our cousins from Chicago.. the party starters!

On Friday morning is when our decorating business opened. Jen had great ideas on how she wanted the front of the church to look. She had a group of us working on these ideas. This what the pew markers looked like.... yea I did all the bows. Jen did everything else. We decided we were going to start a wedding pew marker business when we got the first one done. They looked very professional.

The ceremony was beautiful the flowers the church the message... it was so wonderful. Our uncle Scott married Jen and Blake. He made it even more personal for the happy couple. Jen's flowers were awesome. The prettiest flowers I have ever seen in my life. She had a florist from Sturgis, MI do them. She found them at a bridal show.
So I don't have many pictures of the ceremony... I was kinda busy holding Jen's 20lbs worth of flowers! Deric took some but he was a usher and didn't have much time to take any either. But her pictures from the photographer should be up soon. His web site is Peter is a close friend of Jen's from Bethel, he was so much fun and took many pictures. He is so good and very easy to work with. He lives in Southbend area so if anyone is in need of wedding photographer I can get you the hook up!
We did all the pictures before the wedding so we had lots of time to get all of them in. Also we headed out to the golf course to get some action shots out there!I am sure those will be quite the wedding pictures. Yea, we got some crazy looks from the old guys trying to play golf that Saturday.
But here are some of us getting ready. Yes, I did all the hair for the wedding and Jen did all of the make-up for us girls. Overall, this was probably my favorite trip home. It was so nice to get to stand up with my sister on her happiest day of her life. And I didn't mess up on my speech so that made the day even better!


  1. So beautiful!! Thank you for this post! It meant a lot to me. You are right, everything was so perfect. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We really should think about this whole wedding business thing when we live in the same state again. I am counting down the days to Christmas when I will be with you again. I miss and love you very very very very very very very VERY MUCH!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. I have to say that you looked beautiful at Jen's wedding, and as for Jen, she was absolutely stunning! I am very happy for her and Blake!