Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer So Far, and Happy B-day Jen!!!

It has been pretty calm at the Bidwell house. Summer has been really hot so far, and I have discovered how the sun must be hotter here than Indiana. I have had a few sunburns already this year and I am sure more to come. We have some trips planned for the middle and end of the summer that we are looking forward to. My sister Jennifer will be getting married July 26th so we are going to head home the 19th. A month from today!!!! Then at the beginning of August we are going to Las Vegas with the Bidwell crew! This will be a fun trip. Never been to Vegas so I am sure it will be a blast. As some of you know I won a trip through work to Cancun. I will be going at the end of August. I don't have many details on this trip yet but I do know is that I won't have to much spare time to just sit at the beach or anything. I will be in classes and at the hair show. Though I am super excited about it I am a little nervous about traveling by myself to Mexico... I have never even been out of the country!

We have been working in the yard a bit this year, not as much as last but we have added a few flowers and bushes in the flower bed. Now I am wanting to tackle the back yard.... but like I said... it is really hot.

Our one tree in the backyard is begging for some other flowers and trees!

This is Divot helping me in the flower bed

Deric has been getting out about 3 times or more a week to ride his bike. He has started to ride with the Louis and Clark group on Wednesday nights. I don't ride but my duty is taking the dogs out for their walks. They expect it now right when I get home. I usually go for about an hour or so. Poor Birdie gets really tired, usually she will just sit down and I will have to pick her up for awhile so she can rest. Her little legs can't handle long walks.

This a picture I took of Birdie after a walk... thought it was super cute!

One thing that I have decided to do this summer is to make a new recipe once a week. However I love to cook, grill, and bake I am in the habit of making the same ol' dishes a lot. So send me some recipes if you have any fun dishes to pass along!!!

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  1. i've been thinking about posting my weekly far i've just been too lazy! :) but i did want to share that is one of my favorite websites and i use taste of homes a lot for new ideas! :) happy cooking! :)